How to Redeem Steam Wallet Codes?

In this blog we will reveal how you can redeem your Free Steam Wallet Codes. We know that many people face difficulties with this process. Because of the high amount of questions, we received about it from our users. In this blog we will start off by introducing the concept that Steam has to offer. Than we will provide you with a step by step method to redeem your code and add Free Steam Credit to your personal account.

What is Steam?

Steam is an online distribution platform from Valve Software Corporation. The platform offers a service to the user where they can buy online games for the PC. At this moment Steam already offers a wide variety of games you can purchase. The statistics show that you can choose between approximately 6500 different games and 100 Million users have already subscribed to the service. With the rise of the internet Steam was one of the first to introduce the online purchase of video games. And the service hasn’t changed ever since. How does it work? Most games that are purchased through this service need to be activated on Steam in order to play it. Therefore, you must download and install the software. Once the install is completed you will create your personal Steam Account. Here, all the games you purchased will be saved. If the game isn’t automatically activated, you should enter the Steam Key you received. This will do the trick. The software installed on your PC will be used to open the games, without the software you won’t be able to open the game, or play it online. If you want to purchase games online with this service, you will need a credit card or you can add a Steam Wallet Code to add money to your account. Steam Codes can be purchased in every gaming store or you can get them for free at Once you’ve added the credit to your Steam Account you can spend it on every single game available on the platform.


Redeem Free Steam Wallet Codes

So now that you have an understanding of Steam in general. It is time to learn how you can redeem your steam wallet codes and add free money to your account. Once you acquired a Steam Code you will find a serial of digits on the card. This is your activation code, type this code and copy it (CTRL + C). Open the Steam app you have installed on your computer and follow the next steps:

– Search for ‘games’ in the navigation bar on the top

.Redeem Steam Wallet Codes
– Click on ‘redeem a Steam Wallet Code’.
– Enter your code in the bar just below the Steam Wallet Code description.
– Click on ‘Continue’
– Your Steam Wallet Balance on the right should increase by the value of your code.

As you can see the process to redeem a Steam code isn’t that difficult. You just need to know where you can find it. If you need to add multiple codes simply repeat all the steps indicated above. So now that you know: how to redeem Free Steam Wallet Codes. You can start playing a few of the best new Steam gaming titles you have been thinking about. Goodluck and enjoy!

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