PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground is the most popular Steam game for 2017.

Most popular Steam Game 2017

PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground has reached the number #1 position on Steam. Making it the most popular game available on the Steam Network. Usually, it doesn’t happen that often that a game gets launched and shoots straight to the top ranking. However, this did happen with PUBG.

In the past, we have seen games being launched and reaching top rankings within a few months. However, these are most likely games with prequels and sequels that already have a solid user base. A new release would simply trigger old users to start gaming again. Obviously, this isn’t the case for PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground since it is a brand new release.

We should however mention here, that H1Z1 can be seen as some kind of predecessor of this game. Even though both games have two separate developers. H1Z1 has laid the foundation for interests in games like PUBG. H1Z1 was the first Last Man Standing game that caught the interests of online streamers which helped drastically to raise popularity.

Eventually the developers of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground copied the concept and improved it making it more accessible for the Main Stream Gamer. Obviously, we also have Fortnite Battle Royale competing in the Last Man Standing gaming market. However, this game isn’t available on Steam and therefore it wasn’t eligible to win the price.


How popular is PlayerUnknown’s Battleground?

Amount of players PUBG

In 2017 the game PUBG made the early release version available to the public. The developers knew that in order to beat H1Z1 and other competitors in this new market. They had to adapt to the user requirements and interests as soon as possible. As competition was fierce every new feature and bug fix would count in the raise towards the top. Through consistent updates and implementations of feedback of early users. Adding new features, and upgrading the graphics over time. The developers of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground have succeeded in creating the most popular game available on Steam for 2017.

Now a days the game has over 3 million active players on Steam. And people are waiting in line for the moment that this game will actually be released on the PlayStation 4. Due to a few setbacks the release date to the PlayStation will take a while though. It will be difficult to break into this market since Fornite Battle Royale already made its presence and laid the foundation for mainstream gaming in the Last Man Standing gaming genre.

But let’s get back to the 3 million active players PlayerUnknown’s Battleground has available on Steam. This is a dazzling amount since it is more than all the other active players of the top 10 Steam games counted together. Whether this holds that Steam is a software that isn’t used that much anymore. Or, that Steam players are fund of a wide variety of different games. We don’t know that, only Steam knows it. But we do know that the availability of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds have provided a big boost for both the game itself as well as for the Steam Platform.

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History and future perspective of PlayerUnknown’s Battleground on Steam!

PUBG gameplay

At first this game was created as a mod pack to be served to other existing gamers. However, a subsidiary of Bluehole called PUBG Corporation transformed the concept into an independent game that could be played on its own. Imagine if they kept it as a mod. It would probably have reduced the amount of Steam Users by three million.

During the launch of this game in March 2017, the game was able to lift on the popularity of previous games that maintained the same concept like H1Z1. Obviously, it was a great move by PUBG Corporation to copy the concept of a game that was rising in popularity and bring it faster to the market than the competition. We saw a surge of many players who used to play H1Z1 and switched towards PUBG. Even the mainstream game streamers switched, because the general audience became more fund of the improved version of H1Z1 as I call it.

The developers have released Final v1.0 Patch in December. This was a long expected patch and the mainstream users of PUBG expected that this new update would solve some of the underlying reasons that caused a lot of frustrations like cheating and hacking. However, according to the reviews we find on Steam we have noticed that this issue hasn’t been solved yet. People are still complaining about thousands of people that are cheating their way too victory. Even though the developers claim to have banned around 1.5 million accounts for hacking already. It is still prevailing on the discussion forums. Fixing the cheating issue would be the number one priority for the developers as many people have already left the game because of it.

That said, the game has a very big fan base of people who love to play the game on a frequent basis. When the hacking and cheating issue will be solved a lot of old players will come back to the game. Therefore, we can expect another surge in popularity later on!

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