How to Spend your Free Steam Credit?

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Welcome to our new blog posted on 23-11-2016. In today’s blog we will inform you about the best opportunities for you to spend your steam credit. We will answer the question: How to spend your Free Steam Credit most efficiently? Do you have some extra credit left and you are wondering which games are most suitable for you? Than you should continue reading through our blog.

To get an understanding of which games are most popular, we decided to visit the Steam charts. Here, you can get an overview of the most played games on Steam. These statistics are calculated based on the input of all the users of Steam. The most played game is Dota 2. This is a Multiplayer online battle arena game developed by Valve Corporation. The game finds its history in the custom games of Warcraft III. The game was such a success that Valve Corporation decided to make it an independent game. If you are already familiar with games like League of Legends, Dota 2 will be a great addition to your gaming bundle. Recently, the game gained popularity and they even organize tournaments with insane money prices. You could make a job out of playing this game, and live like a king. However, if so you should be able to belong to the top 100 gamers.

Another great game to spend your Free Steam Codes on is Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This game is a strategic first person shooter with a great multiplayer platform. This game is made the be competitive in the online world. With an online ranking system your skills will be compared through a point based system with your competitors. The person who is able to clear all the stages while gaining the most points will rank on top in the ladder.

Another great game is Team Fortress, the successor of Team Fortress classis. In this game two separate teams will battle for victory. The game includes nine different classes that should be selected wisely before going into battle. As each class has his own special abilities. An example is the Heavy Weapons guy; this class is enabled to carry the most powerful but heavy weapons. This holds that you will have a high burst of damage, but you will move slow. With nine different classes this game exceeds the level of a strategy based first person shooter. And offers a great opportunity to kill some people in an online game!
To conclude, we mentioned the three top played games on Steam. If you haven’t purchased one of these games yet. It might be wise to spend your Steam Credit on either Dota 2, Counter Strike, or Team Fortress 2. This is the selection we created for the best Steam Games to purchase on November 2016. If you want a more detailed review about DOTA 2 and Counterstrike you can continue reading.

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