How to save money with Steam family sharing? Share your Steam games with friends and combine your budget!

Steam Family Sharing

The most famous worldwide known platform in distributing digital games for PC would be Steam. Every PC gamer knows it and most probably when you are a PC gamer you and some of your friends will most likely have a quite a number of games stacked in their Steam Library, accumulated over the duration of some years. Steam will have sales frequently, however you will most likely not have an infinite amount of cash laying around to spend on games. So it will be good to learn a trick to play a game owned by your friend, while you don’t have to move your friends pc to your location. This can be done by using the family sharing feature created by Steam. It can be done easily, and gives you the possibility to exchange your games to 5 different Steam accounts, not owned by you. Thus, for example, your friend want to borrow your copy of DOTA 2, they can easily access it with the same family sharing feature. But, how can you make this work? Follow our guide below for correct implementation of Steam Family sharing!

The first thing you will have to do before sharing your account, is to login to your account and activate “Steam Guard”. You will have to enter a code- will be given to you by SMS or email- when someone tries to access your account from another device.

To do this, activating steam guard, open up your account on your PC and look for Preferences. In the top tab where it shows “Steam” on the top left when the Steam software has been opened.

When you are in your account tab, press the button named “Manage Steam Guard Account Security”. Which can be found under “account”.

Following, choose the channel you prefer to get notified through by Steam Guard, Email and text are the options you can select.

When you have activated Steam Guard, It is possible to start sharing all the Steam games and other features in the library to different computers. To do this you will have to log in to your personal Steam Account on the other PC and go to preferences again. Then go to the family tab in the menu.

The find the box named “Authorize Library Sharing on this computer” and check it.

In here you will be seeing all the various accounts which have had access to that computer as well in the past. You are able to share it with them by selecting them and checking their box. When you’ve done this your friends are allowed to play every single game available in the shared library. But also make sure to steal his library as well. So repeat the process with his/her account. 😉

There is a limit to consider whilst using the family sharing feature from Steam: The library can only be accessed by one person simultanously, so watch out that not all your friends are hogging your library. However for you there is a bit of a relieve, the owner of the library will have priority when he/she wants to play.

So with this method you and your friend will be able to the same games. It is great when you can share all the money spend on games with your mater, just split the bucks for single player games and set-up a library for all of you. As we all know the games are a bit expensive sometimes, it’s better to share the pain. Multiplayer games will be most fun to play with your friends, so use this function to get them as excited as you are. By letting them play for a bit to get them to buy it as well. And remember to play your friends their games as well, don’t let them take advantage of your precious game library. To end this article I wish you and your friends a great time playing these games without too much money spend on it… Enjoy, the family sharing, and the extra games available to play!

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