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Download Steam Mobile App

Recently Steam has introduced the launch of their latest Mobile app that supports the highest levels of security possible for payments. You can simply start downloading the app to your Smartphone and make purchases on the fly. Never, will you need a computer again to search and buy the Steam games that you like. We have seen it happen that people lost their Steam account. Obviously, we don’t want this to happen. And ties have turned for those who mistreated the leak in the security. With the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator (STMA) that is integrated into the Mobile Steam App everyone is able to secure their accounts with a few simple required steps. When someone comprises your account and is trying to trade your items. You can initiate instant access! Steam will protect your account and will make sure that your items can’t be sold for the first 15 days. Giving you the time to recover your account through the Steam support.

Compatibility and download links

It doesn’t matter which kind of mobile device or tablet you will use. The mobile app offers a full support to IOS, Android and Windows. If you are using other sketchy software, to bad. But all the main steam users are able to download the Mobile Steam App through the follow links:

Download the Steam app for IOS

Download the Steam App for Android

Download the Steam App for Windows

These are the official download links for the apps. Under no circumstances you should use other links. If you don’t have access to the Google Play Store on your Android device. You can visit the official Steam website. Here, the download is made available to you. It is good to know that you can also find the Steam App by entering it in the store on your device. You can also experience the new app on your tablet or Ipad.

Features of the Steam App

The New app for Steam brings some of the features that were available on the PC to your mobile phone. Enabling you to stay in connection with Steam on any moments of the day. From the location that suits your needs!

Steam Mobile authenticator and how to set it up.

As mentioned in the introduction, the app includes new security software that enables you to make secure trades and purchases on your mobile phone. It is best to set up your security as soon as possible. This won’t take long.

Set-up your Steam Guard

  1. When you select the menu button or hamburger icon on the app. You will find the Steam Guard at the top. Now, open the “Steam guard”.
  2. Click on “add authenticator”
  3. Enter your mobile phone number
  4. Wait until you  receive a message on your phone with the code
  5. Now, copy the code to avoid typos. (optional)
  6. Paste the Code or Type it manually to verify your telephone number
  7. Enter a recovery code and write it down on a paper ( This will be used to validate you as the verified user at contact moments)
  8. Now it is set-up for succes

The Steam Guard will provide you with a code that refreshes every now and than. This code is required to log into your account from now on. Making it unreachable for others who are guessing your password to take over the control of your account. Be sure to avoid the security, if you have your credit card connected to your account.

Initiate sales and confirm your trades!

From now on you can confirm the final stage of your trades on the mobile phone. This holds that you can start advanced trading on your mobile phone. You can include new sales to the market and complete the trades that are still pending. This is just a little bit of user convenience that was created. Since you don’t have to stick around behind your computer to manage your trades.

Communicate with your friends in the chat

The app also includes a chat. You can use it to communicate and be social with your friends. But, also with other people of which you know the Steam Account Username. This will be useful to discuss your following trade. Or simply ask a friend to join the game you are playing. Obviously, you can also use it the to discuss the daily stuff you talk about!

Browse through the catalog

Imagine that you are driving your car to work and all of a sudden you remember it. The day before some of your friends told you that there was a Steam Sale coming in. However, you have just noticed it. And, the Steam Sale is today already! You won’t have time to get to your computer in time. And providing your log in credentials to other persons is risky. There is no way you can profit from the sale. But, here is your solution! Just download the Steam App for your mobile phone. It enables you to browse through all the Steam Games. Thus, this includes both the games that are for sale and those which aren’t. When you found a few games you would love to play. You can also purchase them on your mobile phone! The only thing you can’t do with this new app. Is playing them!




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