The Steam Games Re-Downloading Glitch FIX, the days of lag are over! (2017 FIX)

Steam Redownloading Glitch fix

I think everyone has had this problem at least one time. The issue of re-downloading the game when you hit the play button… It happens mostly for no reason and usually with your favorite games… This guide will show you how to fix this issue with the Steam Re-downloading Glitch 2017.

I think most of you find it very annoying to wait a while to play a game which is already on your system. It usually is a substantial amount GB’s to download and it bothers me a lot. When googling this issue there is information to be found, however most of it is outdated and just mentions “verify game data”, this mostly means that you still would have to re-download the game. To me this is not a solution and here I will share my solution to you.


Three main issues.

  1. If you have moved your steam data to a new hard drive or pc, also you would have to change the directory in your Steam settings. This is because steam otherwise cannot find your games anymore.
  2. If you use an external hard drive to store your games and it disconnects for no reason. Again Steam then thinks there is a problem with your files.
  3. Finally, it could also be a internet disconnection issue or even the hard drive got disconnected when you were updating your game. This will be followed by corrupted files in your update process.

With the first two issues it can be an easy fix, LUCKY YOU! Overall with the third issue there is no other way then verifying the game data and if needed you would have to re-download the full game. Untill so far I couldn’t find a workaround with corrupted files since they would have to be replaced with the proper ones. With the first two issues I can be of help with a less time costly fix.


  1. The first thing you should do is close steam, since it cannot be opened during the process.
  2. Secondly, go to the steamapps folder, the default one being:

c:\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps

  1. Now you should look for the App manifest logs, this is used to log everything which happens in Steam. Which games you have, which ones are fully updated etc. It usually looks like this:


  1. Don’t be scared of all the numbers you see there, these are used to define which game it is. If you only have problems with one game then look for the according number if you have more problems, then you would have to check all of them. In order to check with number is linked with which game, you can use the Steam ID finder site. Here you could enter the name of the game and it’ll find the number which is linked to it.
  2. Now the “hard” part starts, coding… Don’t be scared I’ll lead you through the various steps. Firstly, open the App manifest using wordpad, the top should then look like this:

“appid” “534500”
“Universe” “1”
“name” “Tiger Knight: Empire War”
“StateFlags” “36”
“installdir” “TigerKnight_EW”

The StateFlags part is where it gets interesting, it should say “StateFlags: 4”. This means in plain English don’t re-download the full game. This should be repeated in all files which have problems.


The manifest adds numbers when issues occur.

32=Files are missing

4=Game I correctly installed

128= Corrupted files

32+4=36 The game was fully installed however steam thinks it is missing data.


  1. Additionally, when you have moved your Steamapps folder to a different computer or hard drive. The manifest logs should not be forgotten, make sure you copy all of them! Also you would need to change the install directory location, this has to be done in Steam itself. You can find it at: Settings, Downloads, Steam Library location.

The default setting for saving games it sends them to the Steamapp/Common folder. It mostly has a simple path. For example, “TigerKnight_EW”, if you didn’t move any data then just leave this and move forward.


  1. Optionally you could do a clean Steam install for the application itself. It is said that this is not necessary, however my steam installation was corrupted and I had to re-download key files. This meant a clean Steam install would be the easiest fix. To do this, go to your Steam folder again, delete everything but not: the STEAMAPP- , the USERDATA folder and STEAM.exe application. These contain your game data. The game files itself but also all your progress, it would be a shame to have to go through the same grind again.
  2. Next, you navigate to the Steam.EXE file. This file will activate Steam on your computer. Usually, Steam updates are automatically applied by the software itself. When the Steam updates are complete you can start a game. It should be working correctly now!
  3. When all of this is concluded, you can click the Steam.exe and open the application. When you’ve done all correctly it should start downloading all the Steam Updates. This usually doesn’t take too long. If this is finished, open the game you wish to play and it should start without any issue. Well if there is any game update that has to be concluded first, however the game should work properly again.

Now that you’ve finished the Steam Re-downloading Glitch with our Fix for 2017. You might be interested and more Steam blogs. In the others, we discuss the best Steam Valve games available and specific methods you can apply to get Free Steam Codes. If you think this fix was clear, please leave your opinion behind! We love to help others, but we also appreciate some comments!

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